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Davidic harp front

Testimonial—May, 2014
"I've played harp at the bedside of the ill and dying for over 20 years, but when I first played the Davidic Harp—much to my surprise and delight—I felt as though I had finally found 'the' instrument I was meant to play to ease patients' emotional and physical pain and create a soothing and peaceful environment. I never would have thought that 10 strings could do so much! Thank you for creating such a beautiful, simple instrument!"
Blessings, Holly Goodale
Longmont, Colorado

Davidic harp back

Davidic harps with high-gloss and semi-gloss finishes

10-string Davidic with high-gloss finish on left ($895.00)
& with semi-gloss finish on right ($595.00)


Since I first heard the incredible recording “Ancient Echoes; Music From the Time of Jesus & Jerusalem’s Second Temple” by the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble 5 years ago, it has become my obsession, to recreate the magical sound of the Biblical Lyres of my very own, very ancient Levite ancestors – having found the Marini Made Davidic Harp, my dream has become a reality!

The tone is both gentle, responsive & harp-like when plucked with the fingers, yet vibrant & exhilarating when plucked with a plectrum. According to the writings of Flavius Josephus, who actually witnessed the Levites play their lyres in the Temple of Jerusalem, the 10-string Kinnor was plucked with a plectrum, whilst the 12-string Nevel was plucked with the fingers – when I play a combination of both finger-plucked & plectrum-plucked tones on my Marini Made Davidic Harp, it sounds like an entire Levitical Ensemble!

This lyre also works beautifully for the performance of ancient Greek music – the ancient Greek Kithara & the ancient Biblical Kinnor were almost identical. The beautifully straight bar between the arms of the lyre enables long-lost ancient Greek lyre-playing techniques, such as string stopping – using a knuckle of the left hand as a fret on the string to play accidentals.

I personally recommend the Marini Made Davidic Harp, for anyone with a passion for either spiritual or ancient music performance. For me, it was truly “love at first pluck”! I only wish I had found this powerful little lyre 3 years ago, before I started recording all my lyre albums – although there are other makers of replica Biblical lyres whose instruments I have recorded with… it is only in the unique quality of craftsmanship & tone of the Marini Made Davidic Harp, that I can now say that I have at last found the lost sound of the Lyre of the Levites – recreated!

Michael Levy
Chepstow, United Kingdom


Testimonial—January, 2012
"The 'Davidic Harp' by Marini Made Harps is by far the best modern evocation of King David's favorite instrument I've yet encountered. Unlike other ten-stringed 'Hebrew lyres' I've encountered, this is a true acoustic instrument, able to respond to the demands of 'unplugged' playing and playing with a microphone alike, as well as to the needs in the performance of instrumental music and of accompaniment to vocal music. It responds equally well to the fingers and the guitar pick alike and has a well-balanced, bright tone. It also happens to be tuned in a way befitting ideally the basic tuning theory behind the actual melodies preserved in the Hebrew Masoretic Text as the late Suzanne Haik-Vantoura reconstructed them. Finally, it can also be used to perform traditional Jewish melodies such as the one featured in the accompanying link."
John Wheeler
Houston, TX


Testimonial—December, 2012
Sue... Oh, we love the sound of your harp—compliments to your husband for his quality standards! It is a real pleasure to play it!
Wishing you and all your family a very Special Christmas and a Happy and Blessed 2013!
May our Lord Jesus protect you all.
Chris Lukianczuk
Warsaw, POLAND

Davidic Harp
$595.00 for semi-gloss finish
$895.00 for high-gloss finish
(shown in high-gloss walnut)
10-Strings (over 1 octave),
Range: C4 to e5
21½’’ tall, 13’’ wide,
’’ deep,
3 lbs.

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More Options...

$275.00: carved olive branches
–$195.00: support stand (semi-gloss)
–$390.00: support stand (high-gloss)

$15.00: Instruction Manual
$10.00: Song Books for the 10-String
  (click here to see selection of books)
$110.00: padded harp case
$125.00: backpack
Note: automatically comes with a star sound hole in the back, but you can have a circle sound hole at no
extra charge.

This harp comes pre-strung with extra strings and a tuning wrench. The price does not include exotic wood, sales tax, shipping or other accessories.

Testimonial—December, 2014
I have received the Davidic harp and I absolutely love it! The workmanship is so well done and it's far better than the photos portrayed. Big thanks to you and the team at Marini Made Harps. I know the Lord has big plans for my
harp and I. I will be in touch.
Bless you all so much.
Nikki Kerrisk
Wellsford, New Zealand

Testimonial—December 2012
Today I started volunteering at a hospital three blocks away. Took a month to do all the preliminary work and training to get approved but finally got through that and started this morning. I'm doing what volunteer services has dubbed "music therapy."
I took my Davidic Harp into the oncology ward and into the trauma/ortho ward. Played for five hours to different patients and family members. All were amazed by your little harp. So much interest in it. I played Christmas music, lots of hymns, Celtic tunes and some easy listening things—whatever the family preferred. Then left a gospel tract.
I was in a room today—entering just after a patient died of cancer. The family was distraught, as you can imagine. I asked if they would like to hear some music—hymns maybe. After playing my Davidic harp for about ten minutes the whole mood in the room changed from totally distraught to a peaceful calm. The family said their last goodbyes to hymns in the background. This little harp truly is an amazing
instrument and it made a
difference today.
Terry Butler—Kingsport, TN

Testimonial—November, 2012
Dear Sue and all the Marini's,
We just played 2 weeks your kinnor (Davidic Harp). Really beautiful sound, easy playing, my wife Claudia, our 11 year old son Jonathan and I are playing happily. Maybe for Chanukah celebrations in December my son will be playing in the big synagogue of Barcelona for the Catalan television. I am making some nice arrangements for kinnor and cello for the occasion. Also some other nice Jewish pieces. If their is an performance I will send you a link. Thank you very much, love and blessings for all,
Jurgen Van Win and family
Barcelona, SPAIN

Testimonial—April, 2009
"I bought a Marini Davidic harp for my personal use. After I took it home and played it, I enjoyed it so much that I started taking it into the long-term care facilities at which I play therapeutic harp music. The harp is very lightweight and easy to hold. It invites strumming, and produces a lovely, mellow sound with very little effort. The residents at the facilities just like to hold it and strum it—it provides them with a sense of accomplishment and they get a lot of pleasure from hearing the sweet sounds that come from this little harp. It is also visually very beautiful and unusual."
Joanna Mell, (harpist—22 years)
Corona, CA

Testimonial—March 2012
"The harp arrived in good condition yesterday. It looks and sounds beautiful. I'm very happy with it, and I already enjoy playing it. Thanks very much for your service. This little harp has the sound of a much bigger instrument. I hold it close to my chest as I play it, in the way that it is said of how King David played. I now understand why he did that since the soothing vibrations of the instrument can be felt by my heart. I've never experienced such a meditative effect from playing any other instrument. This lyre is so special due to it's historical significance, and the beauty of it's sound. Thanks so much for the quality of your workmanship, and for making this particular instrument available in this day and age."
Julane Lund
Professional Violinist, Fiddler,
and Singer
Mooresville, Indiana


Our Guarantee: All harps are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for an even exchange or a full refund.


Testimonial—February, 2008
"I truly believe the Lord directed me to buy this Davidic Harp (Kinnor) from the Marini's. I spent a lot of time researching the Kinnor, as God had been giving me a real desire to worship Him on this Biblical instrument, and am amazed at the value of this particular model. The quality and tone of the instrument exceeded my expectations and I have already begun composing songs of worship to the Lord Jesus. The Marini's have done an exceptional job of providing a Davidic harp that is such a joy to play and own."
God bless, Jason Fawks
(Wilmot, Ohio)