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Testimonial (December, 2010)
Dear Marini Family,
We are blessed and humbled in that we have these opportunities to record your talented family and the most excellent musically-balanced handcrafted Marini made harps. Your harps are very even tempered and therefore in the skillful hands of a talented musician are great recording instruments! We have recorded other harps that are muddy sounding or have a mid range honky sound and are very difficult to get a good sound. Marini Made Harps are a pleasure to record and sound beautiful every time!
Aaron Hurst, recording engineer
Altar of Praise Studio, Leola, PA


Morning Meditations book

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New CD Just Released:
The Marini Family
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family's favorites--
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by Dena & Joanna Marini



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Morning Meditations, by Alex Marini, is a devotional book written to inspire and encourage musicians to honor God and edify His people with the blessed and powerful gift of music. The book contains much thought-provoking commentary on what the Bible reveals about God’s own love for music, music as a spiritual gift, discernment in music, the acceptable worship atmosphere, and more. If you love music, Morning Meditations will help you fit music into the big picture of God’s relationship with those He created in His own image.

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