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Updated: January 5, 2023

Websites for other harpists…

Harps of Praise
Reuben Hostetler’s Family live in Coshocton, OH.
They build harps and the children play harps.
Check out their website for more info and harp CD’s.


Eduard Klassen
Eduard is a Paraguayan harpist who lives in Canada
with his wife and two sons.
He travels throughout the U.S. & Canada giving harp programs.
Invite him to come and speak at your church!
Many harp CD’s are available… so check out his website!


Michael Levy
Michael Levy lives in the United Kingdom, and has
a real passion for recreating the lost sounds of the
harps & lyres of the ancient world. He recently
purchased one of our Davidic Harps, and has a few
video clips on You Tube using this harp.


Elisabeth Yankelitis
Facebook: "Lissie's Harpistry"
256 Phoenixville Pike
Malvern, Pa 19355
Home Phone: 610-344-0568
Cell Phone: 484-885-6141


Websites for harp strings & accessories….

MusicMakers Kits
This is where we first got blueprints to make our first harp in 1995.
They have kits & blueprints to make all kinds of instruments.
You can also purchase strings, instructional books & DVD’s and CD’s.


North Shore Strings
Eric Stallings
4 Anthony Avenue
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944
(978) 526-4252

This is where we get our strings, and they have all our harp models on file so if you have a Marini harp, you just need to tell them which one and they can sell you strings directly.