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Minstrel harps

Testimonial—October, 2015
My new Marini "Bass Minstrel" harp is a joy to play! It is lightweight, so it is effortless to play for hours, even when it is strapped to me. Its beautiful tone is remarkable for such a compact instrument, but it features an extended range in the low end, making it great for playing the bass note of chords when normally it's just not there on conventional folk harps. I especially appreciate the custom black gloss finish. I love it!
Michael-David - international harp instructor

Minstrel Harp

(shown, right, in high-gloss cherry)
26-Strings (3½ octaves),
Range: f to c
’ tall, 12’ wide, 21’ deep, 6 lbs.

Click the button above to hear a music clip of "All Things Bright and Beautiful" played on the Minstrel Harp

Bass Minstrel Harp
$980.00 for semi-gloss finish
$1,280.00 for high-gloss finish
(shown, left, in high-gloss cherry)
27-Strings (3½ octaves),
Range: F to d
’ tall, 12’ wide, 25’ deep, 8 lbs.

Click the button above to hear a music clip of "This Is My Father's World" played on the
Bass Minstrel Harp

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Michael-David with his black Bass Minstrel

Michael-David with his black
Bass Minstrel

Testimonial—October, 2012
I am absolutely overjoyed at the beauty of my new Bass Minstrel, with its luscious high shine on the gorgeous figured walnut wood—truly one of the most lovely harps I've ever seen (with a wonderfully rich, full bass to match). And I love its light weight for camping and hiking—I've played sitting by many a creek or high mountain stump praising God in the hearing of the forest creatures. But I'll bet you've never had a letter from someone using one of your harps as bear repellent!... I was hiking up a steep mountain trail with my harp held high so as not to scratch its flawless finish on the foliage when I noticed bear tracks in the dust at my feet. Big bear tracks, with little bear tracks next to them, both sharply defined and fresh—I was unknowingly "stalking" a mama bear and her cub! The first thought in my mind was—and I kid you not—"Oh no! If that bear comes at me I'll have to throw my harp down to get away and that'll damage it!" I immediately turned and started down the mountain singing my make-it-up-as-you-go song to avoid surprising bears: 'Hey bear, get out of there, get off the trail, go read your e-mail." But suddenly I realized I could use my harp to make myself look bigger to the poor eyesight of a bear, so I placed the harp way up on my shoulder and gained three feet in height as I continued to the safety of my car...
Vivian Stoppel—New Plymouth, Idaho

Our Guarantee: All harps are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for an even exchange or a full refund.


Minstrel Stand Bass Minstrel on stand
Collapsible Minstrel Stand: $320 for semi-gloss & $520 for high-gloss

Bass Minstrel shown in the stand

Testimonial—February, 2013
Hi, Sue and Alex.
I finally received the harp! My Bass Minstrel Harp has just arrived safely.
This is my first harp. And I can say that my choice was just right! Thank you for making such a nice instrument. I can't tell you how much I love it! If I have something to ask you, then I will contact you. Thanks to read it.
Kei Furuse—JAPAN

More Options...
—$320.00 for wooden collapsible stand
($520 for high-gloss)

—$130.00 for wooden floor stand
($230 for high-gloss)
—$235.00 for padded harp case
Click here to see wooden stands

Levers can be added...
$25.00 each for gold Truitts
—$20.00 each for silver Hong Kong
—$16.00 each for silver Rees


Testimonial—March, 2012
I am a therapeutic musician who believes firmly that no hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice, or church should be without an on-site small harp. In my practice I have seen miracles of healing happen due to the soothing vibrations that flow from a harp. I have seen suffering and pain melt away at the “murmuring sound of the harp” when medicines and other instruments could not touch this suffering.
The Marini Made Bass Minstrel Harp is the perfect size for use at the bedside. Its tone is so soothing due to the lower octaves of it. It is light weight enough so you can carry it easily and sit in any chair to play it comfortably. I have recommended this particular harp to hospices and skilled nursing facilities. A number of these facilities have purchased it already and some are in the process of raising funds to purchase their future Bass Minstrel Harp.
Cass Jendzurski
Certified Therapeutic Musician
Lancaster, PA

NOTE: In the article below (Lancaster Intelligencer Journal -- February 13, 2012),
Cass Jendzurski (pictured on left) is holding a Marini Made Bass Minstrel Harp.

Sympathy Notes articleSympathy Notes article

Testimonial—April, 2011
Thank you so much for the beautiful harp. I picked it up at the bus station this morning, and since I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until I got home to unpack it, I came to work today armed with a electric screw driver to open the box. The harp is lovely, and the sound is lovely—it was so well packed, it hardly required much tuning! I've already serenaded my coworkers, and people were coming out of the office asking "is there an angel around here this morning?" It's a dark, rainy morning here in Maine, and the harp has already brightened the day for me, and for others. Thank you so much for your lovely workmanship—This instrument was truly worth waiting for, and I look forward to many hours of playing this harp for my hospital and hospice work.
Louise Gephart—Dresden, Maine

Testimonial—August, 2011
Sue, the stand has arrived. I LOVE IT! Makes it easier to play the harp and it is a stunning way to display it. Also, I notice a difference in the sound of the harp; it seems crisper now. Perhaps the basket on which I was balancing the harp muffled the sound somehow. Anyway, we are delighted with it and please tell Alex how happy I am that he designed the stand—I think you have a real winner with it and would guess you will sell many!
Margie Lee
Ocean Grove, NJ