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LAP Harp
LAP Harp back
Non-Slip LAP Harp

All harps come pre-strung with extra strings and a tuning wrench.
Prices do not include sharping levers, hand carvings, exotic wood, sales tax, shipping or other accessories.

Recommended Sharping Levers:
$25.00 each for gold Truitts
—$20.00 each for silver Hong Kong
—$16.00 each for silver Rees

More Options:
—$20.00 for added strap
—$205.00 for hand-carving
—$235.00 for padded harp case
—$125.00 for wooden floor stand ($225 for high-gloss)
—$410.00 for wooden collapsible stand ($610 for high-gloss)
Click here to see wooden stands

Our Guarantee: All harps are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for an even exchange or a full refund.

The LAP Harp
$1,095.00 for semi-gloss finish
$1,395.00 for high-gloss finish
(shown in high-gloss cherry)
26 Strings (nearly 4 octaves)
Range: c to g3

34" tall, 12" wide, 23" deep, 7 lbs.

Click the button above to hear a clip of "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need" played on the LAP Harp

Testimonial—September, 2015

Hello Sue,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I am enjoying my beautiful lap harp. The special mahogany stain and veneer on the harp soundboard just make it glow. The design of the harp with the larger soundboard produces a full, quality tone and the harp actually stays on my lap! Emily did a terrific job on the cases for the harp and the stand and the special pouch she put on the front to hold the music stand is perfect.
I am enclosing a picture from a wedding that I recently played. When the bride came for a consultation, the look and tone of the harp caused her to choose this harp over a much larger harp! And of course you know that one of my students loved my harp so much she had to have one for herself, and she absolutely loves her harp as well.
Thanks again Alex, Sue and Emily. May God continue to bless you and
your family.
Linda Umstead
Shillington, PA

Linda Umstead with her LAP Harp

Testimonial—April 2012
I've been meaning to write and tell you how much I'm enjoying the LAP harp.
I've played it in many settings: Hospice unit at the VA hospital, Chemo Infusion center, Home of the Innocence (disabled children), school programs, and of course in my teaching studio, where my students are also enjoying it. Everyone comments on the beauty of the instrument, and in some of the places I've played, comments made about the bigger sound this harp gets in comparison with the other lap harp I was using. I love that it's so comfortable on my lap, and that it is staying in tune nicely. I'll be taking it with me as I teach my beginning harp class at John C. Campbell Folk School next month! Thanks
Lorinda Jones—Rineyville, KY
Board-Certified Music Therapist

Testimonial—April, 2012
I have been meaning to write to you and Alex to let you know how much I am enjoying your beautiful LAP harp. It is the harp I take everywhere, and has such a wonderful light touch that it practically plays itself. In addition to the sound, so many people have commented on the beautiful woodwork. It is a work of art on all counts. Also, I am enjoying the book on meditations. This adds a new dimension to my harp playing.
Nancy Brockman
Charlottesville, VA.

Walnut LAP harp
Mahogany LAP harp
LAP harp (made of walnut w/high-gloss finish)
Cost: $1,395.00 ($610.00 for stand)

LAP harp (made of African Mahogany with high-gloss finish)
Cost: $1,395.00 + $250.00 for special wood + levers
Cost of matching stand: $610.00 + $150.00 for special wood

Testimonial—November, 2014
Dear Alex and Sue,
I am in love with my beautiful Marini Made LAP harp! It has a wonderful tone—simultaneously mellow, sweet and clear—absolutely the sound that makes my ears happy!!! It is also a treasure to look at because of your incredible gift for designing and woodworking, Alex. The Truitt levers work smoothly; the harmonics "ping" in a satisfying way…and it's a dream to play this lap harp because, unlike any others I have tried, it remains completely stationary on the stand or on my lap. Thank you, thank you for crafting such an amazing instrument, along with such a classy and height-perfect stand. I am looking forward to years and years of making music!
I also want to thank you, Sue, for your kindness and compassion. You are truly wonderful to work with. Your email updates, along with assurances that you welcome contact anytime, made this transaction an
absolute pleasure.
Once again, thank you so much for such a unique and beautiful harp.
I am very grateful!
Blessings to you all,
Poughkeepsie, NY

Marj's LAP harp